The CloudWorking Experience
Incorporate tools, practices and processes to be an expert in remote team management.
Keys for real leaders to manage virtual teams
Learn to coordinate your team with efficiency and transparency.

Keys to the digital transformation of the future of work

As a consequence of the coronavirus, we are experiencing a digital revolution in which millions of companies are migrating to remote work models. That is why at TransparentBusiness – through our social impact initiative, CloudWorking Academy – we provide solutions for team leaders to face these challenges and monitor their remote teams efficiently.

Why do we promote education in remote work?

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of the CFOs will relocate some employees to permanent remote work after COVID-19.


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is the increase in productivity when using technology for remote work.


out of 10 people want to continue working from home at least once a week once the pandemic is over

(Global Workplace Analytics)

The training for leaders with an innovative vision

We help supervisors and leaders to be successful in their mission of managing remote work teams.
Our programs are based on three pillars:


Online tools enable smooth communication and information gathering in real time, including the tracking of performed work by each employee.


Corporate guidelines are key for team members to know their objectives, instructions and deadlines.


Remote work enables you to recruit talent without geographic limits. However, building a sense of belonging is essential in remote teams.

Who can take advantage of the program?

From NGOs to large corporations, our courses are focused on leaders
of teams of all sizes no matter where they are.



SMEs and Startups




Team leaders


The CloudWorking Experience

Our programs offer you everything you need to successfully manage your virtual team: platforms, processes and technology.


Live conversations with experts


Educational platform with all the material and support videos

Certificate of completion

Join our program to become an expert in remote work


Keys for real leaders to manage virtual teams

Implement efficient and transparent home office programs and learn effective skills for working in the cloud and managing distributed teams.


Module 1:
Leadership, opportunities and best practices in remote work

Module 2:
Processes, policies and productivity

Module 3:
Tools and platforms for remote work

Module 4:
Talent, culture and community

Master Coach

Silvina Moschini

Silvina Moschini

Presidente y Fundadora de TransparentBusiness.
LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

Silvina Moschini es una multipremiada emprendedora serial enfocada en transformación digital del mundo del trabajo. Es fundadora y Presidente de TransparentBusiness, y CEO y fundadora de SheWorks!. Silvina es Linkedin influencer, parte de un selecto grupo de 500 personalidades mundiales que incluyen a Richard Branson, Bill Gates y Arianna Huffington. En 2019 recibió el premio Equals in Tech, la iniciativa de las Naciones Unidas que reconoce a las iniciativas tecnológicas que impactan los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible. Silvina es experta en aceleración digital y tecnologías: sus artículos de opinión son publicados en más de 140 medios alrededor del mundo.

Expert Invited Guests

  • Víctor Muñoz
    Víctor Muñoz Consejero Presidencial Económico para la Transformación Digital de Colombia
  • Susana García Robles
    Susana García Robles Asesora Ejecutiva de Lavca
  • Francisca Jünemann
    Francisca Jünemann Presidente y cofundadora de ChileMujeres
  • Irene Arias Hofman
    Irene Arias Hofman CEO de BID Lab
  • Sebastian Siseles
    Sebastian Siseles - Vice President International
  • Hernan Fuentes
    Hernan Fuentes Director de Empleo, Trabajo y Emprendimiento Dirección General del SENA
  • Mónica Flores Barragán
    Mónica Flores Barragán Manpower - Presidente ManpowerGroup LATAM
  • Marcelo Cabrol
    Marcelo Cabrol Manager Social Sector en BID
  • Luz María Murguía
    Luz María Murguía Latin America Marketing Director de Cisco
  • Nayana Bastos Pita
    Nayana Bastos Pita People & Communities LatAm Leader de Cisco
  • Maren Lau
    Maren Lau VicePresidente de Facebook para Latinoamérica
  • Adriana Noreña
    Adriana Noreña Google Inc.Vice President Spanish Speaking Latin America
  • Laura Chinchilla
    Laura Chinchilla Ex Presidente de Costa Rica 2010-2014
  • Diego Tovar
    Diego Tovar CEO de everis Colombia
  • Moe Vela
    Moe Vela Ex CFO White House
    Senior Advisor VP Biden
  • Karla Ruiz Cofiño
    Karla Ruiz Cofiño Digital and Social Media Strategist
  • Gustavo Sorgente
    Gustavo Sorgente Director de Cisco Para Latinoamérica
  • Ximena Puente
    Ximena Puente Diputada Nacional de México
    Miembro de la Comisión de Transparencia y Anticorrupción
  • Paula Santilli
    Paula Santilli CEO de Pepsico Latinoamérica
  • Paloma Castellano
    Paloma Castellano Directora de Wayra Madrid
  • Marcia Morales
    Marcia Morales Ex Chief People Officer de PayPal
  • Juliana Fernández
    Juliana Fernández CEO de AEI Planne
  • Mariano O’Kon
    Mariano O’Kon Director de Ventas de Arquitectura para América Latina y el Caribe de Cisco
  • Juan Pablo Jiménez
    Juan Pablo Jiménez VicePresidente de Citrix Systems para Latinoamérica y el Caribe
  • Melina Vicario
    Melina Vicario BIOhacker y Neurofeedback coach
  • Pedro Cervera
    Pedro Cervera Manager Director
    Head of Business Continuity en Ibercaja

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